Change Number: NMCARS Change 18-22
Effective Date: 07/11/2022

5228.9003 Insurance policies.

(a) Insurance policies for leased property shall be issued in the names of the lessee and of the Department of the Navy and contain a loss payable provision as follows: "Loss, if any, under this policy shall be adjusted with (Lessee) and the proceeds, at the election of the Government, shall be payable to the (Lessee); any proceeds not paid to the (Lessee) shall be payable to the Treasurer of the United States."

(b) Each insurance policy shall contain a provision for thirty days prior notice to DASN(P) in the event of cancellation of the policy.

(c) A certificate of insurance or copy of each insurance policy shall be deposited with DASN(P) via hardcopy or by email at usn.pentagon.asstsecnavrdadc.mbx.pabt@us.navy.mil with the subject “[Activity Name] FAR 28.9003 – Insurance Policy Deposit.”