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Change Number: NMCARS Change 18-22
Effective Date: 07/11/2022



In developing business clearance memoranda and/or BCM templates, HCAs shall include all required content and compliances as outlined in the following table unless the HCA notifies DASN(P) otherwise per 5201.9002(b). When addressing a minimum requirement, HCAs may reference previously approved documentation (e.g., source selection plan, acquisition strategy/plan, Justification & Approval, etc.) rather than restate information within the BCM. Additionally, as this Annex outlines the minimum content that will facilitate validation with regulations, HCAs may add documentation requirements; the table below is NOT all-inclusive.



(as applicable)

Procurement Request

FAR part 11

DFARS part 211

NMCARS part 5211

Acquisition Strategy FAR 34.004
Acquisition Plan (STRAP/MOPAS-S)

NMCARS 5207.103

NMCARS 5237.503

Contract Type Rationale

FAR 16.102(d)

FAR 16.103(d)

DFARS 216.102

Synopsis or an Approved Waiver

FAR 5.202

FAR 5.203

FAR 5.204

Determinations and Findings (D&F) to Establish or Maintain Alternative Sources FAR 6.202
Justification for Other Than Full and Open Competition

FAR 6.303

DFARS PGI 206.302-1

HCA Documentation for Non-Competitive Requirement under an International Agreement DFARS 206.302-4(c)
Bundling Contract Requirements FAR 7.107-3
Determination to Consolidate Contract Requirements FAR 7.107-2
Determination to Contract for Certain Non-Commercial Products and Services DFARS 212.272
D&F to Use Commercial T&M or LH Contract FAR 12.207
Source Selection Plan

DFARS 215.303

DoD Source Selection Procedures

D&F to Use T&M or LH Type Contract

FAR 16.601(d)(1)

FAR 16.602

DFARS 216.601(d)(i)(A)

D&F to Use Incentive or Award Fee Contract

FAR 16.401(d)

DFARS 216.401(d) NMCARS 5216.401(d)

D&F for Cost Type Research and Development in Excess of $25M DFARS 235.006(b)(i)
Determination for Fixed Price Development for Non-MDAP DFARS 235.006(b)(iii)(A)(3)
Determination to Make Single Award for IDIQ Estimated to Exceed $100M (including all options)

FAR 16.504(c)(1)(ii)(D) DFARS 216.504(c)

NMCARS 5216.504(c)

Determination to Make Single Award for IDIQ Advisory and Assistance Services Over Three Years and $15M FAR 16.504(c)(2)
HCA Approval for Cost-Reimbursement Contracts in Excess of $25M DFARS 216.301-3
Use of Contract Terms in Excess of Five Years FAR 17.204(e)
Use of Non-DoD Contract Vehicle DFARS 217.770
DD Form 2579 Small Business Coordination Record DFARS 219.201
Determination of Personal/Non‑Personal Services

FAR 37.103

DFARS PGI 237.503

Approval for Non-Performance Based Acquisition DFARS 237.170-2
Government-Furnished Property Compliance Checklist NMCARS 5245.103-74
Approval to Use Warranty DFARS 246.704
Draft/Planning Solicitation(s); Offerors Comments & Government Response to Offerors; Other Exchanges with Industry Before Receipt of Proposal FAR 15.201
Wage Rate Determination (SF-98/98A) DFARS 222.1008
Market Research Documentation

FAR part 10

DFARS part 210

DFARS 237.102-78

DFARS PGI 215.371-2

Independent Government Cost Estimate FAR 4.803(a)(7)
Approval of FAR/DFARS/NMCARS Deviations

FAR subpart 1.4

DFARS subpart 201.4 NMCARS subpart 5201.4

Undefinitized Contract Action and Undefinitized Change Order Approval

DFARS 217.74

NMCARS 5243.201

Unusual Contract Financing Clauses

FAR part 32

DFARS part 232

Justification for Oral Solicitation FAR 15.203(f)
Tailoring of Provisions and Clauses for Use in Commercial Item Acquisitions (waiver)

FAR subpart 12.3

DFARS subpart 212.3

NMCARS subpart 5212.3

Solicitation/Request for Proposal FAR 15.203
Amendments to RFP FAR 15.206
Combined Synopsis and Solicitations for Commercial Item Acquisitions FAR 12.603
Contractor Proposal(s)
DCAA Report(s)
ACO Report(s)
Technical Evaluation Report(s) FAR 15.305(a)(3)
Price/Cost Evaluation Report FAR 15.305(a)(1)
Past Performance Evaluation Report

FAR 15.305(a)(2)

DFARS 215.305(a)(2)

Small Business Participation Evaluation Report

DFARS 215.304(c)(i)

DoD Source Selection Procedures

Subcontracting Plan Evaluation Report

FAR 19.702(a)

FAR 19.704

Competitive Range Determination FAR 15.306(c)
Evaluation of Transportation Costs (DD Form 1654)

FAR 47.306

DFARS 247.301-71

DFARS 247.372

Cost Accounting Standards Waivers

FAR 30.201-5

DFARS 230.201-5

NMCARS 5230.201-5

Make or Buy (Program, Evaluation, Approval) FAR 15.407-2
Compliance with FAR Subpart 4.21 – Prohibition on Contracting for Certain Telecommunications and Video Surveillance Services or Equipment - Requirements

FAR provision 52.204-24

FAR provision 52.204-26

FAR clause 52.204-25

Exemptions Requested to Buy American, Berry Amendment, Specialty Metals Restrictions, or Other Requirements of the Solicitation DFARS subpart 225.70
Contracting Officer Determination and Basis for Pass-Through Charges FAR 15.404-1(h)
Contractor’s Estimating System Determined Acceptable by ACO DFARS 215.407-5
Pre‑Award Disclosure Statement ‑ Cost Accounting Practices and Certification and Determined Current, Accurate, and Complete by ACO

FAR clause 52.230-1

FAR 30.202-6

Contractor’s Accounting System Determined Adequate by CAO/DCAA FAR 16.301-3
Contractor Purchasing System Determined to be Approved by the ACO FAR 44.305
Property System Reviewed for Acceptability by ACO FAR 45.105
SAM Exclusions Verification for All Offerors FAR 9.405(e)(1)
Certification Regarding Responsibility Matters and Delinquent Tax Liability or a Felony Conviction under Federal Law

FAR 9.104-5

FAR provision 52.209-5

FAR provision 52.212-3(h) FAR provision 52.209-11

Pre-Negotiation Objective - Four Tenets:

1. What is the estimate,

2. What is the estimate based on,

3. How was the estimate derived, and

4. Why is the estimate reasonable?

Part 15 Negotiation Documentation Requirements

FAR 15.406-3

DFARS 215.406-3

Award With or Without Discussions FAR 15.306(a)(3)
HCA Waiver of Cost or Pricing Data FAR 15.403-1(c)(4)
Certificate of Current Cost or Pricing Data FAR 15.406-2
Subcontracting Plan Determined Adequate FAR 19.705-4
Approval of SDB Subcontracting Goal Less Than 5% DFARS 219.705-4
SBIR/STTR Phase III Award Contracting Officer Affirmation NMCARS 5206.302-5(b)
EEO Compliance Requested/Obtained FAR 22.805
Determination of Responsibility and Financial Stability

FAR 9.103

FAR 9.104-1

SAM Exclusions Verification for Successful Offeror FAR 9.405(e)(4)
Certification Regarding Responsibility Matters and Delinquent Tax Liability or a Felony Conviction under Federal Law for Successful Offeror

FAR 9.104-5

FAR provision 52.209-5

FAR provision 52.212-3(h) FAR provision 52.209-11

VETS-4212 Filing Verification for Awardee (Non-Commercial Items that Exceed the SAT)

FAR 22.1302(b)

FAR 22.1304

Part 15 Negotiation Documentation Requirements

FAR 15.406-3

DFARS 215.406-3