Part Number: Part 808

Veterans Affairs Acquisition Regulations


808.002 Priorities for use of mandatory Government sources.

(a) - (b) [Reserved]

(c) Eligible Beneficiaries.

(1) A contracting officer may authorize an acquisition from the Veterans Canteen Service or a commercial source when a VA healthcare official (e.g., social worker, physician) determines that personal selection of shoes, clothing, and incidentals will result in a therapeutic benefit to an eligible beneficiary.

(2) The contracting officer must cite Federal Prison Industries, Inc., clearance No. 1206 in the purchase document for any purchase from a commercial source of dress shoes similar to Federal Prison Industries, Inc., Style No. 86-A.

Editorial Note: At 84 FR 29390, June 24, 2019, 808.002 was amended, expiring July 1, 2021; however, the amendment expiration could not be completed because a section heading is required.

Subpart 808.4 - Federal Supply Schedules

808.402 General.

The Executive Director and Chief Operating Officer, VA National Acquisition Center, advertises, negotiates, awards, administers, and issues the Federal Supply Schedules for Federal Supply Classification Groups 62, 65, and 89 and for cost-per-test services under Group 66.

808.405-2 Ordering procedure for services requiring a statement of work.

When placing an order or establishing a BPA for supplies or services requiring a statement of work, the ordering activity, when developing the statement of work and any evaluation criteria in addition to price, shall adhere to and apply the evaluation factor commitments at 815.304-70.

Subpart 808.6 - Acquisition From Federal Prison Industries, Inc. (FPI)

808.603 [Reserved]

Subpart 808.8 - Acquisition of Printing and Related Supplies

808.802 Policy.

The Director, Publications Staff, Office of Acquisition and Materiel Management, VA Central Office, is the Central Printing Authority for VA (see FAR 8.802(b)).