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Part Number: 1819

NASA Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement

1819.7213 Reporting allowances.

1819.7213 Reporting allowances.

The mentor may include its developmental expenditures from the annual report, reference 1819.7212, in its reported dollars in its Summary Subcontracting Report (SSR) in the Electronic Subcontracting Reporting System (eSRS).

(a) If the protégé is also the mentor's immediate next-tier subcontractor under a NASA contract that contains a subcontracting plan, the mentor may also include its developmental expenditures in its Individual Subcontracting Report (ISR) for that contract. Expenditures may be applied to each socio-economic subcategory on the SSR and ISR for which the protégé qualifies.

(b) Developmental expenditures included in SSR's and ISR's must also be separately reported and explained (including the actual dollar amount) in the “Remarks” section of each report.

(c) Expenditures for AbilityOne protégés cannot be included in SSR's or ISR's since there is no such reporting category for SSR's or ISR's.