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Part Number: 1819

NASA Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement

1819.7212 Reporting requirements.

1819.7212 Reporting requirements.

(a) Mentors must report on the progress made under active MPA annually throughout the term of the agreement.

(b) Reports are due 30 days after the end of each 12-month period of performance commencing with the start of the agreement.

(c) Each annual report must include the following data on performance under the MPA:

(1) Expenditures by the mentor.

(2) The number and dollar value of subcontracts awarded to the protégé.

(3) Description of developmental assistance provided, including milestones achieved.

(4) Impact of the agreement in terms of capabilities enhanced, certifications received, and/or technology transferred.

(d) Annually the protégé must provide an independently developed progress report using the annual report template, on the progress made during the prior twelve months by the protégé in employment, revenues, and participation in NASA contracts during each year of the Program participation term. The protégé must also provide an additional post-agreement report for each of the two years following the expiration of the Program participation term.

(e) The protégé annual report required by paragraph (d) of this section must be submitted separately from the mentor's annual report submission.

(f) Reports for all agreements must be submitted to the NASA Mentor Protégé Program Manager, the mentor's cognizant administrative Contracting Officer, and their Small Business Specialist.

(g) Templates for the annual report and the Post-Agreement report and guidance for their submission are available at: