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Part Number: 2115

Life Insurance Federal Acquisition Regulations

Subpart 2115.3 - Source Selection

2115.370 Applicability.

FAR subpart 15.3 has no practical application to the FEGLI Program because prospective contractors (insurance companies) are considered for inclusion in the FEGLI Program in accordance with criteria provided in 5 U.S.C. chapter 87, LIFAR 2109.7001, and the following:

(a) Applications must be signed by an individual with legal authority to enter into a contract on behalf of the company for the dollar level of claims and expenses anticipated.

(b) Applications will be reviewed for evidence of substantial compliance in the following areas:

(1) Management: Stable management with experience pertinent to the life insurance industry and, in particular, large group management; sufficient operating experience to enable OPM to evaluate past and expected future performance.

(2) Marketing: Past ability to attract and retain large group contracts; steady or increasing amount of group life insurance in force.

(3) Legal expertise: Demonstrated competence in researching, compiling, and implementing various Federal and State laws that may impact payment of benefits; ability to defend legal challenges to payment of benefits.

(4) Financial condition: Establishment of firm budget projections and demonstrated success in keeping costs at or below those projections on a regular basis; evidence of the ability to sustain operations in the future and to meet obligations under the contract OPM might enter into with the company; adequate reserve levels; assets exceeding liabilities.

(5) Establishment of office: Ability to establish an administrative office capable of assessing, tracking, and paying claims.

(6) Internal controls: Ability to establish and maintain a system of internal control that provides reasonable assurance that the payment of claims and other expenses will be in compliance with legal, regulatory, and contractual guidelines; funds, property, and other FEGLI Program assets will be safeguarded against waste, loss, unauthorized use, or misappropriation; and revenues and expenditures applicable to FEGLI Program operations will be properly recorded and accounted for to permit the preparation of timely and accurate financial reporting and to maintain accountability over assets.