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Part Number: 2115

Life Insurance Federal Acquisition Regulations

2115.270 Applicability.

(a) FAR subpart 15.2 has no practical application to the FEGLI Program because 5 U.S.C. chapter 87 exempts the FEGLI Program from competitive bidding.

(b) OPM will announce any opportunities to submit applications to provide life insurance through the FEGLI Program in insurance industry periodicals and other publications as deemed appropriate by OPM. The announcement will contain information on the address to which requests for application packages should be submitted and on deadline dates for submission of completed applications.

(c) Eligible contractors (i.e., qualified life insurance companies) are identified in accordance with 5 U.S.C. 8709. Prospective contractors voluntarily come forth in accordance with procedures provided in section 2115.370.

(d) OPM may approve one or more life insurance companies that, in its judgment, are best qualified to provide life insurance coverage to Federal enrollees.