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Part Number: 2414

HUD Acquisition Regulation

Subpart 2414.4 - Opening of Bids and Award of Contracts

2414.404 Rejection of bids.

2414.404-1 Cancellation of invitations after opening.

(c) Invitations may be cancelled and all bids rejected before award but after opening when the Head of the Contracting Activity, as described in subpart 2402.1, determines in writing that cancellation is appropriate and consistent with FAR 14.404-1.

2414.407 Mistakes in bids.

2414.407-3 Other mistakes disclosed before award.

(e) The determination to allow a bidder to: Correct a mistake in bid discovered before award (other than obvious clerical errors); withdraw a bid; or, neither correct nor withdraw a bid shall be submitted to the Head of the Contracting Activity for approval.

2414.407-4 Mistakes after award.

(d) For determinations under FAR 14.407-4(b), the Head of the Contracting Activity will obtain the concurrence of legal counsel before notification to the Contractor. The Contracting Officer shall be notified promptly of action to be taken.

2414.408 Award.

2414.408-70 Award when only one bid is received.

When only one bid is received in response to an invitation for bids, such bid may be considered and accepted if the Contracting Officer makes a written determination that: (a) The specifications were clear and not unduly restrictive; (b) adequate competition was solicited and it could have been reasonably assumed that more than one bid would have been submitted; (c) the price is reasonable; and (d) the bid is otherwise in accordance with the invitation for bids. Such a determination shall be placed in the file.