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HUD Acquisition Regulationhudar

HUD Acquisition Regulation

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Subpart 2413.1 - General [Reserved]


Subpart 2413.3 - Simplified Acquisition Methods


2413.301 Governmentwide commercial purchase card.

(c) HUD's procedures concerning the use of the government-wide commercial purchase card are contained in its Handbook on the Government-wide Commercial Credit Card Program.


2413.305-2 Agency responsibilities.

(c) Policies and procedures governing the operation of imprest funds are established in internal directives issued by HUD's Office of the Chief Financial Officer.


2413.305-3 Conditions for use.

(a) Transaction limits above that established in FAR 13.305-3 may be approved by the Senior Procurement Executive.


Subpart 2413.4 - Imprest Fund [Reserved]


Subpart 2413.5 - Purchase Orders


2413.505 Purchase order and related forms.


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