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Part Number: 2402

HUD Acquisition Regulation

2402.101 Definitions.

Accounting Office means the Office of Accounting Operations within the Office of the Chief Financial Officer and includes that Office's field components.

Chief Procurement Officer means the HUD official having authority for all of the Department's procurement activities.

Contracting activity means the Office of the Chief Procurement

Department means the Department of Housing and Urban Development, which may also be designated as HUD.

Head of the contracting activity (HCA) means the Chief Procurement Officer. As permitted by the FAR and the HUD Acquisition Regulation, the Chief Procurement Officer, acting within his or her authority as the Senior Procurement Executive, may delegate HCA authority for specific actions or classes of actions down to, but not below, the level of the Assistant Chief Procurement Officers. Delegated HCA authority may not be further redelegated.

Legal counsel means HUD's Office of General Counsel and its field-based components.

Primary Organization Heads are those officials of the Department who are responsible for the major organizational components of HUD and who report directly to the Secretary or Deputy Secretary. The Primary Organization Heads of HUD include the Assistant Secretaries and equivalent Departmental management (e.g., President, GNMA, Inspector General, General Counsel, Chief Procurement Officer, etc.).

Secretary means the Secretary of the Department of Housing and Urban Development, or his or her designee.

Senior Procurement Executive means the Chief Procurement Officer.