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FAC Number: 2024-05
Effective Date: 05/22/2024

52.246-13 Inspection-Dismantling, Demolition, or Removal of Improvements.

52.246-13 Inspection-Dismantling, Demolition, or Removal of Improvements.

As prescribed in 46.313 , insert the following clause in solicitations and contracts for dismantling, demolition, or removal of improvements:

Inspection-Dismantling, Demolition, or Removal of Improvements (Aug 1996)

(a) Unless otherwise designated by the specifications, all workmanship performed under the contract is subject to Government inspection at all times and places where dismantling or demolition work is being performed. The Contractor shall furnish promptly, and at no increase in contract price, all reasonable facilities, labor, and materials necessary for safe and convenient inspection by the Government. The Government shall perform inspections in a manner that will not unduly delay the work.

(b) The Contractor is responsible for damage to property caused by defective workmanship. The Contractor shall promptly segregate and remove from the premises any unsatisfactory facilities, materials, and equipment used in contract performance, and promptly replace them with satisfactory items. If the Contractor fails to proceed at once in a workmanlike manner with performance of the work or with the correction of defective workmanship, the Government may-

(1) By contract or otherwise, replace the facilities, materials, and equipment or correct the workmanship and charge the cost to the Contractor; and

(2) Terminate for default the Contractor’s right to proceed. The Contractor and any surety shall be liable, to the extent specified in the contract for any damage or cost of repair or replacement.

(End of clause)

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