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Part Number: 1505

Environmental Protection Agency Acquisition Regulation

Subpart 1505.2 - Synopses of Proposed Contract Actions

1505.202 Exceptions.

The Contracting Officer need not submit the notice required by FAR 5.201 when the Contracting Officer determines in writing that the contract is for the services of experts for use in preparing or prosecuting a civil or criminal action under the Superfund Amendments and Reauthorization Act of 1986.

1505.203 Publicizing and response time.

(a) The Contracting Officer may, at his/her discretion under certain circumstances, elect to transmit a synopsis to the Government Point of Entry (GPE) of a proposed contract action that falls within an exception to the synopsis requirement in FAR 5.202(a). For those contract actions, the Contracting Officer may provide for a lesser time period than the 15 days required by FAR 5.203(a) and the 30 days required by FAR 5.203 (c) or (d), and the 45 days required by FAR 5.203(e). The Contracting Officer must identify the basis for the lesser time periods for response in the synopsis.

(b) The authority for paragraph (a) does not extend to the synopsis of contract actions falling within the exception in FAR 5.202(a)(7), if to do so would disclose the originality of thought or innovativeness of the proposed research.

1505.271 [Reserved]