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Environmental Protection Agency Acquisition Regulationepaar

Environmental Protection Agency Acquisition Regulation

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Subpart 1514.2 - Solicitation of Bids


1514.201 Preparation of invitations for bids.


1514.201-6 Solicitation provisions.

The Contracting Officer shall insert the solicitation provision at 1552.214-71, Contract Award-Other Factors-Sealed Bidding, in invitations for bids when it is appropriate to describe other factors that will be used in evaluating bids for award.


1514.201-7 Contract clauses.

The CCO is authorized to waive the inclusion of the clauses at FAR 52.214-27 and 52.214-28, in accordance with FAR 14.201-7.


1514.205 Solicitation mailing lists.

When a solicitation and all amendments are posted on the Internet with a synopsis providing information as to how to access the solicitation and all amendments, the CO will need to maintain a mailing list of only those individuals requesting paper copies from the contract service center/branch. When possible, the CO should also build an electronic “mailing list” of companies downloading the solicitation from the Internet.


Subpart 1514.4 - Opening of Bids and Award of Contract


1514.404 Rejection of bids.


1514.406 Mistakes in bids.


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