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Part Number: 1542

Environmental Protection Agency Acquisition Regulation

1542.1203 Processing agreements.

(a) The responsible contracting office shall:

(1) Obtain from the Contractor a list of all affected contracts, the names and addresses of the contracting offices responsible for these contracts, and the required documentary evidence.

(2) Verify the accuracy of the list of contracts through the Contract Information System.

(3) Draft and execute a supplemental agreement to one of the contracts affected but covering all applicable outstanding and incomplete contracts affected by the transfer of assets or change of name. A supplemental agreement number need not be obtained for contracts other than for the one under which the supplemental agreement is written. The supplemental agreement will contain a list of the contracts affected and, for distribution purposes, the names and addresses of the contracting offices having contracts subject to the supplemental agreement.

(b) Agreements and supporting documents covering successors in interest shall be reviewed for legal sufficiency by legal counsel.

(c) After execution of the supplemental agreement, the designated office shall forward an authenticated copy of the supplemental agreement to the Director, Policy, Training and Oversight Division, and to each affected contract office.