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Part Number: 1509

Environmental Protection Agency Acquisition Regulation

1509.507-1 Solicitation provisions.

(a) Advance notice of limitations. The Contracting Officer shall alert prospective contractors by placing a notice in the solicitation whenever a particular acquisition might create an organizational conflict of interest. The notice will:

(1) Include the information prescribed in FAR 9.507-1;

(2) Refer prospective contractors to this subpart; and

(3) Require proposers to disclose relevant facts concerning any past, present, or currently planned interests relating to the work described in the solicitation.

(b) Required solicitation provision. The Contracting Officer shall include the provisions at 1552.209-70 and 1552.209-72 in all solicitations, except where the following applies:

(1) An Organizational Conflict of Interest provision is drafted for a particular acquisition (see Section 1509.507-1(a));

(2) When the procurement is with another Federal agency (however, the provision is included in solicitations issued under the Small Business Administration's (SBA) 8(a) program); and

(3) When the procurement is accomplished through simplified acquisition procedures, use of the provision is optional.