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Part Number: 3415

Department of Education Acquisition Regulation

Subpart 3415.3—Source Selection

Subpart 3415.3—Source Selection

3415.302 Source selection objective.

3415.302-70 Two-phase source selection.

(a) Use. FSA may utilize a two-phase process to solicit offers and select a source for award. The contracting officer can choose to use this optional method of solicitation when deemed beneficial to the FSA in meeting its needs as a PBO.

(b) Phase one

(1) Publicizing. The contracting officer must publish a notice in accordance with FAR subpart 5.2, except that the notice must include limited information as specified in 3405.207.

(2) Information submitted by offerors. Each offeror must submit basic information such as the offeror's qualifications, the proposed conceptual approach, costs likely to be associated with the approach, and past performance data, together with any additional information requested by the contracting officer.

(3) Selection for participating in second phase. The contracting officer must select the offerors that are eligible to participate in the second phase of the process. The contracting officer must limit the number of the selected offerors to the number of sources that the contracting officer determines is appropriate and in the best interests of the Federal Government.

(c) Phase two.

(1) The contracting officer must conduct the second phase of the source selection consistent with FAR subparts 15.2 and 15.3, except as provided by 3405.207.

(2) Only sources selected in the first phase will be eligible to participate in the second phase.