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Part Number: 3437

Department of Education Acquisition Regulation



Subpart 3437.1—Service Contracts—General

3437.102 Policy.

If a service contract requires one or more end items of supply, FAR subpart 37.1 and this subpart apply only to the required services.

3437.170 Observance of administrative closures.

The contracting officer must insert the clause at 3452.237–71 (Observance of administrative closures) in all solicitations and contracts for services.

Subpart 3437.2—Advisory and Assistance Services

3437.204 Guidelines for determining availability of personnel.

The HCA is the agency head for the purposes of FAR 37.204.

3437.270 Services of consultants clause.

The contracting officer must insert the clause at 3452.237–70 (Services of consultants) in all solicitations and resultant cost-reimbursement contracts for consultant services that do not provide services to Federal Student Aid (FSA).

Subpart 3437.6—Performance-Based Acquisition

3437.601 General.

It is the Department's policy that all new service contracts be performance-based, with clearly defined deliverable and performance standards. Any deviations from this policy must be fully justified in writing and approved by the HCA.

3437.670 Contract type.

Award-term contracting may be used for performance-based contracts and task orders that provide opportunities for significant improvements and benefits to the Department. Use of award-term contracting must be approved in advance by the HCA.