Part Number: 3401

Department of Education Acquisition Regulation

3401.303 Publication and codification.

3401.303 Publication and codification.

(a) The EDAR is issued as chapter 34 of title 48 of the CFR.

(1) The FAR numbering illustrations at FAR 1.105–2 apply to the EDAR.

(2) The EDAR numbering system corresponds with the FAR numbering system. An EDAR citation will include the prefix “34” prior to its corresponding FAR part citation; e.g., FAR 25.108–2 would have corresponding EDAR text numbered as EDAR 3425.108–2.

(3) Supplementary material for which there is no counterpart in the FAR will be codified with a suffix beginning with “70” or, in cases of successive sections and subsections, will be numbered in the 70 series (i.e., 71–79). These supplementing sections and subsections will appear to the closest corresponding FAR citation; e.g., FAR subpart 16.4 may be augmented in the EDAR by citing EDAR 3416.470 and FAR 16.403 may be augmented in the EDAR by citing EDAR 3416.403–70. (Note: These citations are for illustrative purposes only and may not actually appear in the published EDAR). For example:

Table 1 to Paragraph (a)(3)
FAR Is implemented as Is augmented as
15 3415 3415.70
15.1 3415.1 3415.170
15.101 3415.101 3415.101–70
15.101–1 3415.101–1 3415.101–170

(c) Guidance that is unique to an organization with Head of the Contracting Activity (HCA) authority contains that activity's acronym directly preceding the cite. The following activity acronyms apply: FSA—Federal Student Aid.