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Part Number: 652

Department of State Acquisition Regulation

652.247-71 Shipping Instructions.

652.247-71 Shipping Instructions.

As prescribed in 647.305–71, insert the following clause:

Shipping Instructions (FEB 2015)

(a) Each packing box shall be of solid construction in accordance with best commercial practices and sufficiently strong in direct ratio to the weight of the contents to withstand excessively rough handling while in transit overseas. It shall be constructed of lumber that is well seasoned, reasonably sound, free from bad cross grain and from knots or knotholes that interfere with nailing or that occupy more than 1/3 of the width of the piece of lumber. Box shall be constructed with three-way corners and diagonal bracing. All nails shall be cement-coated, of correct size and properly spaced to avoid splitting or warping, and shall be driven into the grain of the wood. Dimension of lumber shall be in accordance with the following table, dependent upon the weight of the contents:

Weight of box and contents Minimum dimensions of lumber for struts, frame members, and single diagonal braces
Up to 45 kg 19.05 × 57.15mm
46 to 113 kg 22.23 × 73.03mm
114 to 181 kg 22.23 × 98.43mm
182 to 272 kg 22.23 × 123.83mm or 25.4 × 98.43 mm

(b) Each box shall be lined with waterproof paper and shall be bound with 19.05mm″ steel straps firmly stapled in position to prevent the straps from slipping off the box. Articles must be secured and braced inside the shipping container to prevent the articles from shifting.

(c) Packing cases weighing 453.5kg and more must be equipped with skids. Each skid shall consist of two end sections of 50.8 × 152.4mm lumber placed flat and a center section of 50.8 × 101.6mm lumber placed flat and then arranged in line to provide 254mm forklift spaces between center and end sections. When goods are ready for shipment, the Contractor shall prepare four (4) copies of a packing list, indicating the contract and, if applicable, order numbers; case number; itemized list of contents; net and gross weights in kilograms; and outside dimensions, including all clears, of each shipping container. The Contractor shall provide three (3) copies of the packing list to the U.S. Despatch Agent as specified in the contract or order. The Contractor shall place the fourth copy of the packing list in packing case number one, which shall be marked as such so that it is easily identified by the consignee. Upon receipt of the packing list, the Despatch Agent will furnish export marks and instructions regarding shipment to the port specified, depending upon steamer services available at the time.

(d) The export marks shall be stenciled on one side of each box reserved for that purpose, and the appropriate case number stenciled in the lower left-hand corner of the same side. The contract and, as necessary, order numbers, net and gross weights in kilograms shall be stenciled on the same side. However, if the size of the box is too small to accommodate all stenciling on one side, the contract and order numbers and weights may be stenciled on the side opposite that used for the export marks and case number.

(e) The contract and, as necessary, order numbers must appear on all containers and papers relating to this clause.

(End of clause)