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Part Number: 607

Department of State Acquisition Regulation



607.102 Policy.

It is the Department's policy that every acquisition be conducted and the contract file documented in conformance with the requirements for acquisition planning pursuant to FAR part 7.

607.103 Agency-head responsibilities.

The Procurement Executive is the agency head's designee for the purposes of FAR 7.103.

(d) Domestic requirements offices must develop a formal, written acquisition plan for all acquisitions exceeding $5 million. This includes base period plus all option years. The plan shall address the content requirements of FAR 7.105.

(j) Acquisition plans for service contracts with an anticipated annual expenditure exceeding $25 million must be approved by the bureau Assistant Secretary.

607.105 Contents of written acquisition plans.

(b)(10) Acquisition Plans for support of contract administration and other tasks closely related to inherently governmental functions must include a determination that the services being requested are not inherently governmental and a risk mitigation strategy. Procurement Information Bulletin (PIB) 2011–11, Attachment 1, lists functions requiring additional oversight and potential mitigation strategies.

(b)(19) Acquisition Plans must include planning for contract administration. Planning shall be developed by the bureau technical program office and should consider an initial assessment of resources required for contractor oversight, support, travel and communications. Planning should take into account the need for multiple technical monitors based on geographic dispersion and multiple technical disciplines. Program offices must identify financial and other resources that are reserved for implementation of contract administration.

Subpart 607.5—Inherently Governmental Functions

Source: 80 FR 6918, Feb. 9, 2015, unless otherwise noted.

607.503 Policy.

(e) Requirements offices shall provide to the contracting officer a written determination that none of the functions to be performed are inherently governmental. This determination shall be included with the procurement request package, which is transmitted to the contracting officer to initiate an action. The Form DS–4208 may be used to meet this requirement. The contracting officer shall obtain review from the Assistant Legal Adviser for Buildings and Acquisitions (L/BA) of any request package that the contracting officer determines raises substantial questions as to the performance of inherently governmental functions. Disagreements regarding the determination shall be resolved by the head of the contracting activity.