Change Number: 2023-0201
Effective Date: 02/01/2023

15.606 Agency procedures.

15.606 Agency procedures.

(a)(S-90) Organizations receiving an unsolicited proposal (UP) must forward them to their unsolicited proposal coordinator and the DLA Acquisition Operations UP program manager. The DLA Acquisition Operations UP program manager decides the correct unsolicited proposal coordinator(s) when needing evaluation by multiple organizations. Unsolicited proposal coordinators must:

(i) Coordinate and manage UPs;

(ii) Protect UPs from unauthorized disclosure (FAR 15.608 and 15.609); use cover sheet provided in FAR 15.609 for all stages of the Government’s handling of a UP;

(iii) Advise UP program manager when a UP needs wider consideration in DLA;

(iv) Preserve accurate and complete disposition record of all UP processed;

(v) Ensure all affected evaluation offices and personnel follow FAR 15.608 and 15.609;

(vi) Ensure evaluators provide supporting reason for conclusions and recommendations. When recommending the UP for acceptance, ensure evaluators specify available funds or programmed funds; and

(vii) Send to contractors expressing interest in sending a UP the information in FAR 15.604(a)(1) through (6).

(S-91) Detailed procedures.

(i) The UP coordinator reviews the submission and decides if it meets all UP factors and sends written notice to the UP offeror within 15 days (follow FAR 15.601-1(b) or (c) as applicable). When the UP coordinator needs extra evaluation time, provide an interim response to the offeror within 15 days stating that more review is required, and that the final response is expected to be completed within 30 days from receipt of the submission, but that a further interim response will be provided at that time if evaluation cannot be completed, giving the estimated time for completion. The UP coordinator normally provides a final response within 30 days. When UP coordinator needs more than 30 days to evaluate, the coordinator or DLA Acquisition Operations UP program manager sends a notice to the offeror with the estimated completion date. The UP coordinator must complete the review in 90 days from UP receipt.

(ii) The coordinator forwards the UP submission to the correct technical or other personnel for evaluation. When evaluations need extra information, the coordinator contacts the UP offeror to request the information. The coordinator tells the offeror that it assumes all risk and expense for sending extra information, and that the request for extra information does not create a commitment by the government. The coordinator tells the DLA Acquisition Operations UP program manager they asked for added information.

(iii) Following the evaluation, the coordinator informs the offeror by letter of the final determination. If the submission is not a valid unsolicited proposal or is otherwise unacceptable, the letter states that determination and an explanation of the rationale in accordance with FAR 15.603(c) and 15.607(a), as applicable. If the submission is determined to be a valid UP, the coordinator informs the offeror and includes a caution, in accordance with FAR 15.607(a), that a favorable comprehensive evaluation of an unsolicited proposal does not, in itself, justify awarding a contract without providing for full and open competition and that the unsolicited proposal will be provided to an appropriate contracting officer for a determination of whether further action is appropriate in accordance with FAR 15.607(b).

(iv) On receiving a valid UP from the coordinator, the responsible contracting officer will decide the correct contract action, if any, following FAR 15.607(b) and coordinating with the correct requiring activity. If the contracting officer determines that the UP represents a valid requirement and the conditions for proceeding with a procurement are met, the contracting officer must provide for full and open competition or justify limiting sources, as applicable. The contracting officer notifies offeror in writing if negotiations in accordance with FAR 15.607(b) will commence.

(b) Organization coordinators responsible for UPs.

(S-90) DLA Land and Maritime – Competition Advocate (primary) and Procurement Process Directorate (alternate)

(S-91) DLA Troop Support – Pricing and Strategy Division Chief

(S-92) DLA Aviation – Pricing Division Chief

(S-93) DLA Energy – Acquisition Policy and Oversight Associate Director

(S-94) DLA Disposition Services – Acquisition Procedures Division Chief

(S-95) DLA Distribution – Acquisition Policy Chief

(S-96) DLA Strategic Materials – Contracting Director

(S-97) DLA Contracting Services Office – Contract & Pricing Compliance Division Chief

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