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Change Number: 2024-0625
Effective Date: 06/25/2024




(Revised October 24, 2016 through PROCLTR 2016-10)

37.102 Policy.

(f) The following management positions in addition to the CAE are designated following DoD Instruction 5000.74, Defense Acquisition of Services, Enclosure 4, dated January 5, 2016. The DLA Acquisition Deputy Director is the Senior Services Manager (SSM). The Component Level Leads (CLLs) by portfolio group are:

Electronics/Communications Services (ECS), DLA Information Operations Deputy Director

Facilities Related Services (FRS), DLA Chief of Staff (CoS)

Knowledge Based Services (KBS), DLA Information Operations Program Execution Officer (PEO)

Medical Services (MS), DLA CoS

Equipment Related Services, DLA Logistics Policy and Strategic Programs Executive Director

Transportation Related Services, DLA Logistics Policy and Strategic Programs Executive Director

Logistics Management Services, DLA Logistics Policy and Strategic Programs Executive Director

These portfolios comprise the vast majority of all DLA acquisitions of services. The SSM shall serve as the CLL for acquisition of services that fall outside the scope of the above designations.

Acquisition strategy for service requirements shall maximize opportunity for small business.

37.103 Contracting officer responsibility.

(f) Ensure the MFT participates in a SAW when it is required, unless a waiver is obtained from the SSM. The requirements for multifunctional teams (MFTs) to participate in a Service Acquisition Workshop (SAW), or equivalent program are provided in DoD Instruction (DoDI) 5000.74, Defense Acquisition of Services, in Section 4: Procedures. See DoD Instructions ( ) for a listing of DoDIs. A request for a waiver must be submitted through the DLA Acquisition Operations Division. Coordinate all acquisitions that meet the criteria for a SAW with the SSM.

(g) Refer to DLA Manual 5000.74, Subject: DLA Acquisition of Services, Enclosure 2, paragraph 13 for additional responsibilities.

(S-90) Solicitations and contracts shall include procurement note C05 when the services to be provided require professional employees, and evaluation of proposed key managerial personnel is required to assess the probability of successful performance.


C05 Changes to Key Personnel (OCT 2016)

Certain skilled, experienced, professional and/or technical personnel are essential for successful accomplishment of the work to be performed under this contract. These are defined as "key personnel" and are those persons whose resumes are submitted as part of the technical/business proposal for evaluation. The contractor shall use key personnel as identified in its proposal during the performance of this contract and will request contracting officer approval prior to any changes. Requests for approval of any changes shall be in writing with a detailed explanation of the circumstances necessitating the change. The request must contain a complete resume for the new key personnel and any other pertinent information, such as degrees, certifications, and work history. New key personnel must have qualifications that are equal to or higher than those being replaced. The contracting officer will evaluate the request and notify the contractor whether the requested change is acceptable to the Government.


37.110 Solicitation provisions and contract clauses.

(a) Solicitations shall include procurement note L07 to identify Government points of contact for offerors who wish to inspect the Government installation where services will be performed.


L07 Site Visit Instructions (OCT 2016)

Primary Name: Phone Number

Alternate Name: Phone Number



(Revised October 1, 2020 through PROCLTR 2020-15)

37.270 Acquisition of audit services.

(a) General policy.

(S-90) See 8.003(S-90) for acquisition of audit readiness and/or audit sustainment services.

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