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Change Number: DFARS Change 05/30/2024
Effective Date: 05/30/2024

Subpart 219.2 - POLICIES

Subpart 219.2 - POLICIES

219.201 General policy.

(c) For the defense agencies, the director of the Office of Small Business Programs must be appointed by, be responsible to, and report directly to the director or deputy director of the defense agency.

(8) The responsibility for assigning small business technical advisors is delegated to the head of the contracting activity.

(10) Contracting activity small business specialists perform this function by—

(A) Reviewing and making recommendations for all acquisitions (including orders placed against Federal Supply Schedule contracts) over the micro-purchase threshold (see FAR 19.502-2(a)), except those under the simplified acquisition threshold that are totally set aside for small business concerns in accordance with FAR 19.502-2. Follow the procedures at PGI 219.201 (c)(10) regarding such reviews.

(B) Making the review before issuance of the solicitation or contract modification and documenting it on DD Form 2579, Small Business Coordination Record (see PGI 253.219-70 for instructions on completing the form); and

(C) Referring recommendations that have been rejected by the contracting officer to the Small Business Administration (SBA) procurement center representative. If an SBA procurement center representative is not assigned, see FAR 19.402(a).

(11) Also conduct annual reviews to assess—

(A) The extent of consolidation of contract requirements that has occurred (see FAR 7.107); and

(B) The impact of those consolidations on the availability of small business concerns to participate in procurements as both contractors and subcontractors.

(d) For information on the appointment and functions of small business specialists, see PGI 219.201 (d).

219.202 Specific policies.

219.202-1 Encouraging small business participation in acquisitions.

See PGI 205.207 (d) for information on how to advertise a small business event on the Government point of entry.

219.270 Religious-related services-inclusion of nonprofit organizations.

219.270-1 Definition.

As used in this section—

“Nonprofit organization” means any organization that is—

(1) Described in section 501(c) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986; and

(2) Exempt from tax under section 501(a) of that Code.

219.270-2 Procedures.

(a) To comply with section 898 of the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2016 (Pub. L. 114-92), when acquiring religious-related services to be performed on a United States military installation—

(1) Do not preclude a nonprofit organization from competing, even when the acquisition is set aside for small businesses as identified in FAR 19.000(a)(3); and

(2) Do not use any of the sole source exceptions at FAR 6.302-5(b)(4) through (7) for such acquisitions.

(b) If the apparently successful offeror has not represented in its quotation or offer that it is one of the small business concerns identified in FAR 19.000(a)(3), the contracting officer shall verify that the offeror is registered in the System for Award Management database as a nonprofit organization.

219.270-3 Solicitation provision.

Use the provision 252.219-7012 , Competition for Religious-Related Services, in solicitations, including solicitations using FAR part 12 procedures for the acquisition of commercial services, for the acquisition of religious-related services to be performed on United States military installations, when the acquisition is set aside for any of the small business concerns identified in FAR 19.000(a)(3).


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