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Change Number: DFARS PGI Change 04/25/2024
Effective Date: 04/25/2024

PGI 253.219-70 DD Form 2579,Small Business Coordination Record.

PGI 253.219-70 DD Form 2579,Small Business Coordination Record.

(a) Use the DD Form 2579 as prescribed in DFARS 219.201 (c)(10)(B).

(b) General instructions.

(1) The Contracting Officer is responsible for the coordination and completion of the form.

(2) Coordination on this form is not required when the agency will satisfy a requirement through the use of a mandatory source listed at FAR 8.002 or FAR 8.003.

(c) Specific instructions for completion of DD Form 2579.

(1) BLOCK 1—CONTROL NO. Reserved for use by the Small Business Professional to create a unique identification number for each coordination record.

(2) BLOCK 2—PURCHASE REQUEST/REQUISITION NO. Locally assigned purchase request/requisition number.

(3) BLOCK 3—TOTAL ESTIMATED VALUE. Enter the total estimated value for the acquisition, including all options. For multiple award task or delivery order contracts, enter the total estimated value of the entire acquisition including all orders expected to be awarded.

(4) BLOCKS 4a and 4b:

(i) Block 4a—PROCUREMENT INSTRUMENT IDENTIFIER (PIID). Enter the PIID assigned to the solicitation, contract, or order in Block 4a. (FAR 4.1601, DFARS 204.1601).

(ii) Block 4b—INDEFINITE DELIVERY VEHICLE (IDV) PIID. If applicable, enter the PIID assigned to the IDV against which the solicitation or order identified in Block 4a is issued.

(5) BLOCK 5—MODIFICATION/AMENDMENT NUMBER (MOD/AMDMT No.). Enter the contract or order modification number or solicitation amendment number. (FAR 4.1601, DFARS 204.1601).

(6) BLOCKS 6a through 6e—CONTRACTING OFFICER NAME, DOD ACTIVITY ADDRESS CODE (DODAAC), OFFICE SYMBOL, EMAIL ADDRESS, PHONE NO. Enter the appropriate information in Blocks 6a through 6e.

(7) BLOCKS 7a through 7d:

(i) BLOCK 7a—ITEM and/or SERVICE DESCRIPTION. Enter description of planned acquisition, including quantity, unique delivery requirements, and other descriptors. For services, include the type of service and place of performance, and attach a copy of the Performance Work Statement (PWS), Statement of Work (SOW), Statement of Objectives (SOO), or other specifications and statements as appropriate.

(ii) BLOCK 7b—PRODUCT OR SERVICE CODE (PSC). For the Product and Service Codes Manual, go to

(iii) BLOCK 7c—NORTH AMERICAN INDUSTRY CLASSIFICATION (NAICS) CODE. For the NAICS codes and definitions, go to

(iv) BLOCK 7d—SMALL BUSINESS SIZE STANDARD. For the applicable small business size standard, go to

(8) BLOCK 8—PERIOD OF PERFORMANCE/DELIVERY DATES. Enter the estimated beginning and end dates.

(9) BLOCK 9—PURPOSE OF COORDINATION. Check one box indicating the purpose of the action being reviewed: Initial Coordination, Withdrawal (see FAR 19.506), or a Change to the form. Note: Any significant change in the acquisition strategy or plan described on this form will require reevaluation by the Small Business Professional and the Small Business Administration (SBA) Procurement Center Representative (PCR), if applicable.

(10) BLOCKS 10a through 10j—RECOMMENDATION. Check all that apply, e.g., a small business set-aside could also be a multiple-award. For Blocks 10c through 10d, attach justification if applicable in accordance with FAR 19.1306(a), and 19.1406(a), respectively.

(11) BLOCKS 11a through 11c:

(i) BLOCK 11a—ACQUISITION PLAN/MARKET RESEARCH. Attach the written acquisition plan (FAR 7.104(d)), if required, and the results of market research, including any resulting justification and approval (FAR 6.3) or sole source/brand name justification (FAR 13.106 or 13.501). Include findings that demonstrate efforts to locate qualified small business sources e.g., sources sought (FAR 5.205), requests for information synopses, or waivers to the nonmanufacturer rule (FAR 19.5) and attach additional pages as necessary).

(ii) BLOCK 11b—SYNOPSIS REQUIRED. Check “Yes” or “No.” If “No,” provide explanation and the exception under FAR 5.202, if applicable.

(iii) BLOCK 11c—SMALL BUSINESS PROGRESS PAYMENTS. Check “Yes” or “No” (DFARS 232.501-1(a)).

(12) BLOCK 12—CONSOLIDATED OR BUNDLED. Select either “Consolidated” or “Bundled,” and check “Yes” or “No” for each. If “Yes,” attach required documentation for consolidation or bundling (FAR 7.107).

(13) BLOCK 13—SUBCONTRACTING PLAN REQUIRED. Check “Yes” or “No.” For recommendations 10g, 10h, or 10i, or if Block 12 recommendation is “Yes,” specify actions that will be taken to maximize small business participation. Consider requirements of FAR 19.7, acquisition history, anticipated subcontracting goals, market research to identify small business capability at the subcontract level, source selection evaluation factor for small business utilization (DFARS 215.304 , 215.305), incentives, contract performance metrics, etc. State detailed objectives for subcontract (attach additional pages as necessary).

(14) BLOCKS 14a through 14c—ACQUISITION HISTORY:

(i) BLOCK 14a—NEW REQUIREMENT. Check “Yes” or “No” and follow the applicable guidance for each selection.

(ii) BLOCK 14b—PREVIOUSLY CONSOLIDATED OR BUNDLED. Check “Yes” or “No” for each. If “Yes,” attach required documentation for previous acquisition.

(See FAR 7.107.)

(iii) BLOCK 14c—DETAILS OF PREVIOUS AWARD(S). For each contractor that received an award for any portion of the immediately preceding acquisition, include the following information—

—Name and CAGE code.

—Small business socioeconomic categories of the awardee.


—NAICS code and size standard.

—Contract type.

—Period of performance.

—Total contract value.

—Subcontracting History. (Small business subcontracting goal achievement (CPARS and eSRS data) and any additional small business utilization requirements included in the contract resulting from a source selection factor used when making the previous contract award.)

(15) BLOCK 15a through 15d—CONTRACTING OFFICER SIGNATURE. Complete 15a through 15d. Digital signature is desired.

(16) BLOCKS 16 through 16f—SMALL BUSINESS PROFESSIONAL/SMALL BUSINESS DIRECTOR REVIEW. Complete 16 through 16f. Digital signature is desired. If “non-concur” is checked, attach rationale or include in Block 16f, along with any other remarks. Block 16e must be completed when any of the conditions in FAR 19.202-1(e) applies to indicate when the acquisition package was provided to the Small Business Administration (SBA).

(17) BLOCKS 17 through 17e—SBA PROCUREMENT CENTER REPRESENTATIVE (PCR) REVIEW. Complete 17 through 17e (see FAR 19.402(a) when a PCR is not assigned to the contracting activity or administration office). Digital signature is desired. If “non-concur” is checked, the PCR shall attach rationale and recommendations or include in Block 17e, along with any other remarks (see FAR 19.402).

(18) BLOCKS 18 through18c—CONTRACTING OFFICER REVIEW. The Contracting Officer shall complete this block if the Small Business Professional and/or the SBA PCR have “non-concurred” in Blocks 16 and 17. Block 18c shall include the Contracting Officer’s rationale for decision. Send copies of the completed form to the Small Business Professional and the SBA PCR within 5 working days if rejecting the PCR’s recommendation, in accordance with FAR 19.505.