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Part Number: 970

Department of Energy Acquisition Regulation

970.5232-7 Financial management system.

As prescribed in 970.3270(b)(1), insert the following clause:

Financial Management System (DEC 2000)

The Contractor shall maintain and administer a financial management system that is suitable to provide proper accounting in accordance with DOE requirements for assets, liabilities, collections accruing to the Contractor in connection with the work under this contract, expenditures, costs, and encumbrances; permits the preparation of accounts and accurate, reliable financial and statistical reports; and assures that accountability for the assets can be maintained. The Contractor shall submit to DOE for written approval an annual plan for new financial management systems and/or subsystems and major enhancements and/or upgrades to the currently existing financial systems and/or subsystems. The Contractor shall notify DOE thirty (30) days in advance of any planned implementation of any substantial deviation from this plan and, as requested by the Contracting Officer, shall submit any such deviation to DOE for written approval before implementation.

(End of clause)