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Part Number: 970

Department of Energy Acquisition Regulation

970.5229-1 State and local taxes.

As prescribed in 970.2904-1(b), insert the following clause in management and operating contracts. The requirement for the notice prescribed in paragraph (a) of the clause may be broadened to include all State and local taxes which may be claimed as allowable costs when considered to be appropriate.

State and Local Taxes (DEC 2000)

(a) The Contractor agrees to notify the Contracting Officer of any State or local tax, fee, or charge levied or purported to be levied on or collected from the Contractor with respect to the contract work, any transaction thereunder, or property in the custody or control of the Contractor and constituting an allowable item of cost if due and payable, but which the Contractor has reason to believe, or the Contracting Officer has advised the Contractor, is or may be inapplicable or invalid; and the Contractor further agrees to refrain from paying any such tax, fee, or charge unless authorized in writing by the Contracting Officer. Any State or local tax, fee, or charge paid with the approval of the Contracting Officer or on the basis of advice from the Contracting Officer that such tax, fee, or charge is applicable and valid, and which would otherwise be an allowable item of cost, shall not be disallowed as an item of cost by reason of any subsequent ruling or determination that such tax, fee, or charge was in fact inapplicable or invalid.

(b) The Contractor agrees to take such action as may be required or approved by the Contracting Officer to cause any State or local tax, fee, or charge which would be an allowable cost to be paid under protest; and to take such action as may be required or approved by the Contracting Officer to seek recovery of any payments made, including assignment to the Government or its designee of all rights to an abatement or refund thereof, and granting permission for the Government to join with the Contractor in any proceedings for the recovery thereof or to sue for recovery in the name of the Contractor. If the Contracting Officer directs the Contractor to institute litigation to enjoin the collection of or to recover payment of any such tax, fee, or charge referred to above, or if a claim or suit is filed against the Contractor for a tax, fee, or charge it has refrained from paying in accordance with this clause, the procedures and requirements of the clause entitled “Insurance - Litigation and Claims” shall apply and the costs and expenses incurred by the Contractor shall be allowable items of costs, as provided in this contract, together with the amount of any judgment rendered against the Contractor.

(c) The Government shall hold the Contractor harmless from penalties and interest incurred through compliance with this clause. All recoveries or credits in respect of the foregoing taxes, fees, and charges (including interest) shall inure to and be for the sole benefit of the Government.

(End of clause)