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Part Number: 970

Department of Energy Acquisition Regulation

970.5227-7 Royalty information.

Insert the following provision in solicitations in accordance with 970.2702-4:

Royalty Information (DEC 2000)

(a) Cost or charges for royalties. If the response to this solicitation contains costs or charges for royalties totaling more than $250, the following information shall be included in the response relating to each separate item of royalty or license fee:

(1) Name and address of licensor;

(2) Date of license agreement;

(3) Patent numbers, patent application serial numbers, or other basis on which the royalty is payable;

(4) Brief description, including any part or model numbers of each contract item or component on which the royalty is payable;

(5) Percentage or dollar rate of royalty per unit;

(6) Unit price of contract item;

(7) Number of units; and

(8) Total dollar amount of royalties.

(b) Copies of current licenses. In addition, if specifically requested by the Contracting Officer before execution of the contract, the offeror shall furnish a copy of the current license agreement and an identification of applicable claims of specific patents or other basis upon which the royalty may be payable.

(End of provision)