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Part Number: 970

Department of Energy Acquisition Regulation

970.4402-3 Purchasing from contractor-affiliated sources.

(a) A management and operating contractor may purchase from sources affiliated with the contractor (any division, subsidiary, or affiliate of the contractor or its parent company) in the same manner as from other sources, provided -

(1) The management and operating contractor's purchasing function is independent of the proposed contractor-affiliated source;

(2) The same terms and conditions would apply if the purchase were from a third party;

(3) Award is made in accordance with policies and procedures designed to permit effective competition which have been approved by the contracting officer. (This requirement for competition shall not preclude acquisition of technical services from contractor-affiliated entities where those entities have a special expertise, and the basis therefore is documented.); and

(4) The award is legally enforceable where the entities are separately incorporated.

(b) Subcontracts for performance of contract work itself (as distinguished from the purchase of supplies and services needed in connection with the performance of work) require DOE authorization and may involve an adjustment of the contractor's fee, if any. If the management and operating contractor seeks authorization to have some part of the contract work performed by a contractor-affiliated source, and that contractor's performance of that work was a factor in the negotiated fee, DOE approval would normally require -

(1) That the contractor-affiliated source perform such work without fee or profit; or

(2) An equitable downward adjustment to the management and operating contractor's fee, if any.

(c) Determination on cost of money allowance as prescribed at 48 CFR 31.225-10 shall be treated as follows:

(1) When a purchase from a contractor-affiliated source results from competition and is in accord with provisions and conditions of paragraphs (a)(1) through (a)(4) of this subsection, the contractor-affiliated source may include cost of money as an allowable element of the costs of its goods or services supplied to the contractor; provided -

(i) The purchase is based on cost as set forth in 48 CFR 31.205-26(e); and

(ii) The cost of money amount is computed in accordance with 48 CFR 31.205-10 and related procedures (see 970.30).

(2) When a purchase from a contractor-affiliated source is made non-competitively, cost of money shall not be considered an allowable element of the cost of the contractor-affiliated source purchase.