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Part Number: 970

Department of Energy Acquisition Regulation

970.3204-1 Applicability.

(a) The Head of the Contracting Activity shall authorize advance payments without interest, and approve the findings, determinations and the contract terms and conditions concerning advance payments in accordance with the procedures set forth in 48 CFR subpart 32.4, Advance Payments for Non-Commercial Items, as supplemented by subpart 932.4.

(b) Advance payments shall be made under a payments cleared financing arrangement for deposit in a special financial institution account or, at the option of the Government, by direct payment or other payment mechanism to the contractor.

(c) Prior to providing any advance payments, the contracting officer shall enter into an agreement with the contractor and a financial institution regarding a special financial institution account where the advanced funds will be deposited by the Government. Such agreement shall -

(1) Provide that DOE shall retain title to the unexpended balance of funds in the special financial institution account including collections, if any, deposited by the contractor;

(2) Provide that the title in paragraph (c)(1) of this subsection shall be superior to any claim or lien of the financial institution of deposit or others; and

(3) Incorporate all applicable requirements, as determined by the Office of Chief Financial Officer.

(d) Deviations from the requirements cited in paragraph (c) of this subsection shall be considered a deviation requiring approval of the Head of the Contracting Activity.

(e) Letter-of-credit arrangements shall be prepared in accordance with 48 CFR 32.406, Letters of Credit, and shall be coordinated between the procurement and finance organizations.