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Part Number: 970

Department of Energy Acquisition Regulation

970.1706-1 Award, renewal, and extension.

(a) Contract term. Effective work performance under a management and operating contract is facilitated by the use of a relatively long contract term of up to ten (10) years. Accordingly, management and operating contracts shall provide for a basic contract term not to exceed five (5) years and may include an option(s) to extend the term for additional periods; provided, that no one option period exceeds five (5) years in duration and the total term of the contract, including any options exercised, does not exceed ten (10) years. The specific term of the base period and of any options periods shall be determined at the time of the authorization to compete or extend the contract. The term “option” as used in this subpart means a unilateral right in the contract by which the Government can extend the term of the contract. Accordingly, except as may be provided for through the inclusion of an option(s) in the contract to extend the term, any extension to continue the contract with the incumbent contractor beyond its term shall only occur when such extension can be justified under one of the statutory authorities identified in 48 CFR 6.302 and when authorized by the Head of the Agency.

(b) Exercise of option. As part of the review required by 48 CFR 17.605(b), the contracting officer shall assess whether competing the contract will produce a more advantageous offer than exercising the option. The incumbent contractor's past performance under the contract, the extent to which performance-based management contract provisions are present, or can be negotiated into, the contract, and the impact of a change in a contractor on the Department's discharge of its programs are considerations that shall be addressed in the contracting officer's decision that the exercise of the option is in the Government's best interest. The contracting officer's decision shall be approved by the Senior Procurement Executive and the cognizant Assistant Secretary(s).

(c) Conditional Authorization of Non-competitive Extension Made Pursuant to Authority Under CICA. Authorization to extend a management and operating contract by the Head of the Agency shall be considered conditional upon the successful negotiation of the contract to be extended in accordance with the Department's negotiation objectives. The Head of the Contracting Activity shall advise the Senior Procurement Executive no later than 6 months after receipt of the conditional authorization as to whether the Department's objectives will be met and, if not, the contracting activity's plans for competing the requirement.