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Part Number: 970

Department of Energy Acquisition Regulation

970.0370-1 Policy.

(a) Management and operating contractors shall develop and maintain systems of management and quality control to discourage waste, fraud and abuse; and to ensure that components, products, and services that are provided to the Department of Energy (DOE) satisfy the contractor's obligations under the contract.

(b) As a part of the required overall management structure, the contractor must maintain management control systems which, in compliance with the requirements of the clause at 970.5203-1 -

(1) Are documented and satisfactory to DOE;

(2) Ensure that all levels of management are accountable for effective management systems and internal controls within their areas of assigned responsibility;

(3) Cover both programmatic and administrative functions;

(4) Provide reasonable assurance that Government resources are safeguarded against theft, fraud, waste, and unauthorized use;

(5) Promote efficient and effective operations;

(6) Ensure that all obligations and costs incurred are in compliance with the intended purposes and the terms and conditions of the contract;

(7) Properly record, manage, and report all revenues, expenditures, transactions and assets;

(8) Maintain financial, statistical and other reports necessary to maintain accurate, reliable, and timely accountability and management controls; and

(9) Are periodically reviewed to ensure that the systems provide reasonable assurance that the objectives of the system are being accomplished and that these controls are working effectively.

(c) Management and operating contractors shall also develop and maintain a baseline program of quality assurance that will implement documented performance and quality standards, and management controls and assessment techniques to ensure components, services, and products meet DOE's, design criteria and other governing and applicable specifications.

(d) DOE expects all its contractors to seek to identify improvements in any aspect of performance. Management and operating contracts are very large and complex; therefore, the opportunities to identify changes in performance that will increase the effectiveness or efficiency of contract performance are more prevalent than under other contracts. The clause at 970.5203-2 requires DOE management and operating contractors to affirmatively seek to identify, evaluate, and institute, where appropriate, processes that will improve the effectiveness or efficiency of any aspect of contract performance. It further requires the contractor to communicate any such improvements to DOE, other management and operating contractors, and DOE major facilities contractors. The contractor is required to participate in efforts by those contractors to address common problems or the institution of improvements. It allows the contractor to enlist the aid of the DOE contracting officer where necessary to institute or communicate the improvements. The obligations under the clause in no way affect the contractor's obligations under other provisions of the contract to notify or acquire the approval of the contracting officer.