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Part Number: 952

Department of Energy Acquisition Regulation

952.208-70 Printing.

As prescribed in 908.802, insert the following clause:

Printing (APR 1984)

The Contractor shall not engage in, nor subcontract for, any printing (as that term is defined in Title I of the U.S. Government Printing and Binding Regulations in effect on the effective date of this contract) in connection with the performance of work under this contract. Provided, however, that performance of a requirement under this contract involving the duplication of less than 5,000 copies of a single unit, or no more than 25,000 units in the aggregate of multiple units, will not be deemed to be printing. A unit is defined as one sheet, size 8 1/2 by 11 inches one side only, one color. A requirement is defined as a single publication document.

(1) The term printing includes the following processes: composition, plate making, presswork, binding, microform publishing, or the end items produced by such processes.

(2) If fulfillment of the contract will necessitate reproduction in excess of the limits set forth above, the Contractor shall notify the Contracting Officer in writing and obtain the Contracting Officer's approval prior to acquiring on DOE's behalf production, acquisition, and dissemination of printed matter. Such printing must be obtained from the Government Printing Office (GPO), a contract source designated by GPO or a Joint Committee on Printing authorized federal printing plant.

(3) Printing services not obtained in compliance with this guidance will result in the cost of such printing being disallowed.

(4) The Contractor will include in each of his subcontracts hereunder a provision substantially the same as this clause including this paragraph (4).

(End of clause)