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Part Number: 945

Department of Energy Acquisition Regulation

945.570-3 Reporting motor vehicle data.

(a) Contractors conducting motor vehicle operations shall forward annually to the contracting officer their plan for acquisition of motor vehicles for the next fiscal year for review, approval and submittal to DOE Headquarters. This plan shall conform to the fuel efficiency standards for motor vehicles for the applicable fiscal year, as established by Executive Orders 12003 and 12375 and as implemented by GSA and current DOE directives. Additional guidance for the preparation of the plan will be issued by the contracting officer, as required.

(b) Contractors operating DOE-owned, GSA leased and/or commercially leased (for 60 continuous days or longer) motor vehicles shall prepare and electronically submit the following annual year-end reports to the contracting officer:

(1) Annual Motor Vehicle Fleet Report.

(2) Federal Fleet Report (41 CFR 102-34.335).