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Part Number: 1303

Commerce Acquisition Regulations

Subpart 1303.1 - Safeguards

1303.101 Standards of conduct.

1303.101-2 Solicitation and acceptance of gratuities by government personnel.

(a) Suspected violations of the prohibition on soliciting and accepting gratuities shall be reported to the Office of the Inspector General in accordance with DAO 207-10, Inspector General Investigations.

(b) To obtain legal advice regarding the solicitation and acceptance of gratuities, contact the Office of the Assistant General Counsel for Administration, Ethics Law and Program Division.

1303.101-3 Agency regulations.

The Department has issued rules implementing Executive Order 11222 prescribing employee standards of conduct (see DOC Office of General Counsel Web site).

1303.104 Procurement integrity.

1303.104-4 Disclosure, protection and marking of contractor bid or proposal information and source selection information.

Contractor bid or proposal information and source selection information must be protected from unauthorized disclosure in accordance with FAR Parts 3, 14 and 15, and CAM 1315.3.

1303.104-7 Violations or possible violations.

Suspected violations of the Procurement Integrity Act shall be reported to the individuals designated in CAM 1301.70.