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Commerce Acquisition Regulationscar

Commerce Acquisition Regulations

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Subpart 1331.1 - Applicability


1331.101 Objectives.

The designee authorized to approve individual deviations concerning cost principles is set forth in CAM 1301.70.


Subpart 1331.2 - Contracts With Commercial Organizations


1331.205 Selected costs.


1331.205-6 Compensation for personal services.

The designee authorized to waive cost allowability limitations under certain circumstances regarding compensation of foreign nationals is set forth in CAM 1301.70.


1331.205-32 Precontract costs.

If precontract costs are anticipated, pursuant to negotiations and in anticipation of contract award, insert clause 1352.231-70 Precontract Costs, in the contract.


1331.205-70 Duplication of effort.

The Department will not pay any costs for work that is duplicative of costs charged against any other contract, subcontract or Government source. Insert clause 1352.231-71, Duplication of Effort, in all cost-reimbursement, time and materials, and labor hour solicitations and contracts when applicable.


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