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Part Number: 442

Agriculture Acquisition Regulation

Subpart 442.1 - Interagency Contract Administration and Audit Services

442.102 Procedures.

(a) The Office of Inspector General (OIG), Audit Division, has established a cross-servicing arrangement with the Defense Contract Audit Agency (DCAA) to provide contract audit services required by the FAR.

(b) All contract audit services required by contracting officers, except those which can be accomplished in-house, shall be coordinated through the cognizant OIG Regional Inspector General - Auditing (RIG-A). Cognizance is determined on the basis of the contractor's location. There is no charge for DCAA audit services coordinated through OIG.

(c) In order to ensure compliance with this requirement and to evaluate the results of audits, contracting officers shall forward to the RIG-A copies of all price negotiation memoranda prepared for contracts and contract modifications in excess of $500,000.