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Part Number: 439

Agriculture Acquisition Regulation


Authority: 5 U.S.C. 301 and 40 U.S.C. 486(c).

      Subpart 439.1 - General

           439.101 Policy.

Subpart 439.1 - General

439.101 Policy.

(a) In addition to policy and regulatory guidance contained in the FAR and AGAR:

(1) The USDA Information Technology Capital Planning and Investment Control Guide (CPIC) establishes requirements for the acquisition of information technology.

(2) Specific thresholds at which USDA Office of the Chief Information Officer Information Technology Acquisition Approval is required have been established.

(3) The procurement authority delegated to USDA Agencies is established in Departmental Regulations 5000 series.

(4) The CPIC Guide and USDA CIO policy and procedural guidance are available on the USDA OCIO Web site at Notices of changes in the Information Technology Acquisition Approval Thresholds are also promulgated by AGAR Advisory.

(b) Acquisition of on-line courseware libraries and learning management system services requires specific approval of the ASA and CIO. Information regarding the specific approval requirements and processes is promulgated by AGAR Advisory.