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Part Number: 2009

Nuclear Regulatory Commission Acquisition Regulation

2009.570-4 Representation.

(a) The following procedures are designed to assist the NRC contracting officer in determining whether situations or relationships exist which may constitute organizational conflicts of interest with respect to a particular offeror or contractor. The procedures apply to small purchases meeting the criteria stated in the following paragraph (b) of this section.

(b) The organizational conflicts of interest representation provision at 2052.209-71 must be included in solicitations and contracts resulting from unsolicited proposals. The contracting officer must also include this provision for task orders and contract modifications for new work for:

(1) Evaluation services or activities;

(2) Technical consulting and management support services;

(3) Research; and

(4) Other contractual situations where special organizational conflicts of interest provisions are noted in the solicitation and would be included in the resulting contract. This representation requirement also applies to all modifications for additional effort under the contract except those issued under the “Changes” clause. Where, however, a statement of the type required by the organizational conflicts of interest representation provisions has previously been submitted with regard to the contract being modified, only an updating of the statement is required.

(c) The offeror may, because of actual or potential organizational conflicts of interest, propose to exclude specific kinds of work contained in a RFP unless the RFP specifically prohibits the exclusion. Any such proposed exclusion by an offeror will be considered by the NRC in the evaluation of proposals. If the NRC considers the proposed excluded work to be an essential or integral part of the required work and its exclusion would be to the detriment of the competitive posture of the other offerors, the NRC shall reject the proposal as unacceptable.

(d) The offeror's failure to execute the representation required by paragraph (b) of this section with respect to an invitation for bids is considered to be a minor informality. The offeror will be permitted to correct the omission.