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Part Number: 2009

Nuclear Regulatory Commission Acquisition Regulation

2009.406-3 Procedures.

(a) Investigation and referral.

(1) When a contracting officer becomes aware of possible irregularities or any information which may be sufficient cause for debarment, the contracting officer must first submit a complete statement of facts (including a copy of any criminal indictments, if applicable) and a recommendation for action to the Head of the Contracting Activity. If the contracting officer's statement of facts indicates misconduct on the part of the contractor in regard to an NRC contract, the Head of the Contracting Activity will refer the matter of misconduct to the Inspector General to determine if an investigation is required prior to referring the case to the debarring official.

(2) To the extent the Head of the Contracting Activity believes that sufficient grounds for debarment exist, independent of any pending investigation by the Inspector General, the Head of the Contracting Activity shall immediately forward the case, without reference to any pending investigation, and a recommendation for action to the Senior Procurement Executive for review. In such circumstances, the Head of the Contracting Activity will take no additional action in regard to a specific matter of misconduct referred to the Inspector General prior to consulting with the Inspector General.

(b) Decision-making process. If, after reviewing the recommendations and consulting with the Office of the General Counsel and, if appropriate, the Office of the Inspector General, the debarring official determines debarment is justified, the debarring official shall initiate the proposed debarment in accordance with FAR 9.406-3(c) and notify the Head of the Contracting Activity of the action taken. If the contractor fails to submit a timely written response within 30 days after receipt of the notice in accordance with FAR 9.406-3(c)(4), the debarring official may notify the contractor in accordance with FAR 9.406-3(d) that the contractor is debarred.

(c) Fact-finding proceedings. For actions listed under FAR 9.406-3(b)(2), the contractor shall be given the opportunity to appear at an informal hearing. The hearing should be held at a location and time that is convenient to the parties concerned and no later than 30 days after the contractor received the notice, if at all possible. The contractor and any specifically named affiliates may be represented by counsel or any duly authorized representative. Witnesses may be called by either party. The proceedings must be conducted expeditiously and in such a manner that each party will have an opportunity to present all information considered pertinent to the proposed debarment.