Part Number: 311

Health and Human Services Acquisition Regulation

Subpart 311.72 - Conference Funding and Sponsorship

311.7200 Policy.

HHS policy requires that all conferences the agency funds or sponsors shall: be consistent with HHS missions, objectives, and policies; represent an efficient and effective use of taxpayer funds; and withstand public scrutiny.

311.7201 Funding and sponsorship.

Funding a conference through a HHS contract does not automatically imply HHS sponsorship, unless the conference is funded entirely by the agency. Also, HHS staff attendance or participation at a conference does not imply HHS conference sponsorship. Accordingly, for non-conference contracts funded entirely by HHS prior to a contractor claiming HHS sponsorship, the contractor must provide the contracting officer a written request for permission to designate HHS the conference sponsor. The OPDIV or STAFFDIV (operating division or staff division) head, or designee, shall approve such requests. The determination on what constitutes a “conference contract” or a “non-conference contract” shall be made by the contracting officer.

311.7202 Contract clause.

To ensure that a contractor:

(a) Properly requests approval to designate HHS the conference sponsor, where HHS is not the sole provider of conference funding; and

(b) Includes an appropriate Federal funding disclosure and content disclaimer statement for conference materials, the contracting officer shall include the clause at 352.211-2, Conference Sponsorship Request and Conference Materials Disclaimer, in solicitations, contracts, and orders providing funding which partially or fully supports a conference.