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Change Number: Change 175 GSAR Case 2022-G519
Effective Date: 02/15/2024

Subpart 519.2 - Policies

Subpart 519.2 - Policies

519.201 General policy.

(a)  The Director of the Small and Disadvantaged Business Utilization is known in GSA as the Associate Administrator, Office of Small and Disadvantaged Business Utilization (AA OSDBU).

(b)  The AA OSDBU delegates duties to Small Business Technical Advisors (SBTAs) for each region through written appointment. All references to SBTA in this part refer to the SBTA designated to support his/her service or region, whichever is applicable.

(c)  Contracting officers shall work with the designated SBTA for their region or service.

519.202 Specific policies.

519.202-1 Encouraging small business participation in acquisitions.

When applicable, the following procedures shall be used to promote small business through acquisition.

(a)  For any acquisition that requires a GSA Form 2689 per GSAM 519.502-70, an acquisition plan shall be submitted to the SBTA. The acquisition plan shall be submitted to the SBTA for approval after the GSA Form 2689 has been approved.

(b) The designated SBTA will provide the copy of the proposed acquisition package to the SBA PCR in accordance with FAR 19.202-1(e) and GSAM 519.4.

(c) When placing orders or establishing BPAs against multiple-award contracts (see FAR 2.101), small businesses should be given consideration prior to large businesses.

519.202-2 Locating small business sources.

(a)  Queries using the “Dynamic Small Business Search,” at are encouraged to locate small business sources.

(b)  The designated SBTA may be contacted for assistance with identifying small business sources.

(c)  The contracting officer must coordinate communications through the SBTA (see 519.4) when contacting the SBA Procurement Center Representative (PCR) in accordance with FAR 19.202-1.