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Change Number: Change 178 GSAR Case 2020-G511
Effective Date: 03/25/2024

Subpart 514.3 - Submission of Bids

Subpart 514.3 - Submission of Bids

514.302 Bid Submission.

GSA contracting officers shall not consider telegraphic bids communicated by telephone.

514.303 Modification or withdrawal of bids.

(a) A telegraphic modification or withdrawal of a bid by telephone under the circumstances in FAR 14.303(a) shall not be considered.

(b) The receipt required by FAR 14.303(b) for withdrawal of a bid in person should read:

I am a bona fide agent for or representative of ___________________________ (Bidder’s name and address). I am authorized to withdraw the bid on IFB No. ___________________scheduled for opening on_______________________, and acknowledge receipt of the unopened bid.


Name and telephone no.



514.304 Late bids, late modifications of bids, or late withdrawal of bids.

Upon receiving a late bid, the bid custodian records it on the duplicate copy of the list of bidders. The bid custodian then immediately notifies the responsible contracting officer of the bid. The contracting officer must arrange for pick-up or delivery of the bid.

514.370 Copies of bids required.

Require each bidder to submit an original and at least one copy of its bid. This requirement does not apply to bids transmitted and received through an electronic commerce method authorized by the solicitation.