Change Number: Change 157 GSAM Case 2022-G511
Effective Date: 12/07/2022

552.270-6 Maintenance of Building and Premises—Right of Entry.

As prescribed in 570.703, insert the following clause:

Maintenance of Building and Premises—Right of Entry (Sep 1999)

Except in case of damage arising out of the willful act or negligence of a Government employee, Lessor shall maintain the premises, including the building and all equipment, fixtures, and appurtenances furnished by the lessor under this lease, in good repair and condition so that they are suitable in appearance and capable of supplying such heat, air conditioning, light, ventilation, access and other things to the premises, without reasonably preventable or recurring disruption, as is required for the Government’s access to, occupancy, possession, use and enjoyment of the premises as provided in this lease. For the purpose of so maintaining the premises, the Lessor may at reasonable times enter the premises with the approval of the authorized Government representative in charge.

(End of clause)