Change Number: Change 157 GSAM Case 2022-G511
Effective Date: 12/07/2022

552.238-96 Separate Charge for Delivery within Consignee's Premises.

As prescribed in 538.273(d)(20) insert the following clause:

Separate Charge for Delivery within Consignee's Premises (May 2019)

      (a)  Offerors are requested to insert, in the spaces provided below or by attachment hereto, a separate charge for “Delivery Within Consignee's Premises” applicable to each shipping container to be shipped. (Articles which are comparable in size and weight, and for which the same charge is applicable, should be grouped under an appropriate item description.) These additional charges will be accepted as part of the award, if considered reasonable, and shall be included in the Contractor's published catalog and/or price list.

      (b) Ordering activities are not obligated to issue orders on the basis of “Delivery Within Consignee's Premises,” and Contractors may refuse delivery on that basis provided such refusal is communicated in writing to the ordering activity issuing such orders within 5 days of the receipt of such order by the Contractor and provided further, that delivery is made in accordance with the other delivery requirements of the contract. Failure of the Contractor to submit this notification within the time specified shall constitute acceptance to furnish “Delivery Within Consignee's Premises” at the additional charge awarded. When an ordering activity issues an order on the basis of “Delivery Within Consignee's Premises” at the accepted additional charge awarded and the Contractor accepts such orders on that basis, the Contractor will be obligated to provide delivery “F.o.b. Destination, Within Consignee's Premises” in accordance with FAR 52.247-35, which is then incorporated by reference, with the exception that an additional charge as provided herein is allowed for such services. Unless otherwise stipulated by the Offeror, the additional charges awarded hereunder may be applied to any delivery within the 48 contiguous States and the District of Columbia.

      (c)  When exercising their option to issue orders on the basis of delivery service as provided herein, ordering activities will specify “Delivery Within Consignee's Premises” on the order, and will indicate the exact location to which delivery is to be made. The Contractor's delivery price and the additional charge(s) for “Delivery Within Consignee's Premises” will be shown as separate entries on the order..

(End of clause)