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Change Number: Change 178 GSAR Case 2020-G511
Effective Date: 03/25/2024

552.238-85 Contractor's Billing Responsibilities.

552.238-85 Contractor's Billing Responsibilities.

As prescribed in 538.273 (d)(9) insert the following clause:

Contractor's Billing Responsibilities (May 2019)

(a) The Contractor is required to perform all billings made pursuant to this contract. However, if the Contractor has dealers that participate on the contract and the billing/payment process by the Contractor for sales made by the dealer is a significant administrative burden, the following alternative procedures may be used. Where dealers are allowed by the Contractor to bill ordering activities and accept payment in the Contractor's name, the Contractor agrees to obtain from all dealers participating in the performance of the contract a written agreement, which will require dealers to

(1) Comply with the same terms and conditions as the Contractor for sales made under the contract;

(2) Maintain a system of reporting sales under the contract to the manufacturer, which includes

(i) The date of sale;

(ii) The ordering activity to which the sale was made;

(iii) The service or supply/model sold;

(iv) The quantity of each service or supply/model sold;

(v) The price at which it was sold, including discounts; and

(vi) All other significant sales data.

(3) Be subject to audit by the Government, with respect to sales made under the contract; and

(4) Place orders and accept payments in the name of the Contractor in care of the dealer.

(b) An agreement between a Contractor and its dealers pursuant to this procedure will not establish privity of contract between dealers and the Government.

(End of clause)