Change Number: Change 157 GSAM Case 2022-G511
Effective Date: 12/07/2022

552.219-70 Allocation of Orders—Partially Set-aside Items.

As prescribed in 519.507 , insert the following clause:

Allocation of Orders—Partially Set-Aside Items (Sep 1999)

Where the set-aside portion of an item or group of items is awarded to a Contractor other than the one receiving the award on the corresponding non-set-aside portion, the Government will divide the requirements to be ordered between the two Contractors with the objective of achieving, as nearly as possible, a 50/50 division of the total value of orders placed after the award of the set-aside portion. In no case will this division vary by more than a 60/40 division (with either the non-set-aside or set-aside Contractor receiving the larger portion) from the time of the award of the set-aside portion.

(End of clause)