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Change Number: Change 178 GSAR Case 2020-G511
Effective Date: 03/25/2024

552.211-13 Time Extensions.

552.211-13 Time Extensions.

As prescribed in 511.503 (b), insert the following clause:

Time Extensions (Mar 2019)

FAR 52.211-13, Time Extensions, is supplemented as follows:

(a)If the Contractor requests an extension of the time for substantial completion, the Contractor shall base its request on an analysis of time impact using the project schedule as its baseline, and shall propose as a new substantial completion date to account for the impact. The Contractor shall submit a written request to the Contracting Officer setting forth facts and analysis in sufficient detail to enable the Contracting Officer to evaluate the Contractor's entitlement to an extension of time.

(b)The Contractor shall only be entitled to an extension of time to the extent that-

(1)Substantial completion of the work is delayed by causes for which the Contractor is not responsible under this contract; and

(2)The actual or projected substantial completion date is later than the date required by this contract for substantial completion.

(c)The Contractor shall not be entitled to an extension of time if the Contractor has not updated the project schedule in accordance with the contract.

(d)The Government shall not be liable for any costs to mitigate time impacts incurred by the Contractor that occur less than 30 calendar days after the date the Contractor submits a request for extension of time in compliance with this clause.

(End of clause)