Change Number: Change 155 GSAM Case 2021-G525
Effective Date: 08/30/2022

552.101-70 Using Part 552.

      (a) Numbering.

(1)GSAR provisions or clauses which are “substantially” the same as a FAR provision or clause ( e.g., 552.232-1, Payments) are identified as follows:

                (i)The provision or clause has the same title as the FAR provision or clause.

                (ii)The provision or clause has the same number as the FAR provision or clause, except the number is preceded by the number “5”.

           (2)GSA prescribed provisions and clauses ( e.g., 552.232-72, Final Payment Under Building Services Contracts) are numbered in the same manner as the FAR, except that—

                (i)The number is preceded by the number “5”, and

                (ii)The sequential number at the end of the number of the provision or clause is “70” or a higher number.

      (b) Prescriptions. Each provision or clause in subpart  552.2 is prescribed at the place in the GSAR where the subject matter of the provision or clause receives its primary treatment. The prescription includes all conditions, requirements, and instructions for using the provision or clause and its alternates, if any. The provision or clause may be referred to in other GSAM locations.

      (c) Introductory text. Within subpart  552.2, the introductory text of each provision or clause includes a cross-reference to the location in the GSAR that prescribes its use.

      (d) Dates. Since they are subject to revision from time to time, all GSAR provisions, clauses, and alternates are dated; e.g., (DEC 1983). To avoid questions concerning which version of any provision, clause, or alternate is operative in any given solicitation or contract, its date shall be included whether it is incorporated by reference or in full text.