Change Number: Change 155 GSAM Case 2021-G525
Effective Date: 08/30/2022

538.7204 Contract clauses.

      (a)Use FAR clause 52.212-4 Alternate I in all Federal Supply Schedules authorized for the acquisition of order-level materials (see 538.7201(b)). Use the following language for the clause fill-in—

           (1)Insert “Each order must list separately subcontracts for services excluded from the FSS Hourly Rates” in paragraph (e)(1)(iii)(D).

           (2)Insert “Each order must list separately the elements of other direct costs for that order” in paragraph (i)(1)(ii)(D)(1).

           (3)Insert “Each order must list separately the fixed amount for the indirect costs and payment schedule; if no indirect costs are approved,” insert “None” in (i)(1)(ii)(D)(2).

      (b) Insert the clause at 552.238-115, Special Ordering Procedures for the Acquisition of Order-Level Materials, in FSS solicitations and contracts authorized to allow for order-level materials.