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Part Number: 1646

Federal Employee Health Benefits Acquisition Regulation



Subpart 1646.2—Contract Quality Requirements

1646.201 Contract Quality Policy.

(a) This section prescribes general policies and procedures to ensure that services acquired under the FEHB contract conform to the contract's quality and audit requirements.

(b) OPM will periodically evaluate the contractor's system of internal controls under the quality assurance program required by the contract and will acknowledge in writing whether or not the system is consistent with the requirements set forth in the contract. After the initial review, subsequent reviews may be limited to changes in the contractor's internal control guidelines. However, a limited review does not diminish the contractor's obligation to apply the full internal control system.

(c) OPM will issue specific quality performance standards for the FEHB contracts and will inform carriers of the applicable standards prior to negotiations for the contract year. OPM will benchmark its standards against standards generally accepted in the insurance industry. The contracting officer may authorize nationally recognized standards to be used to fulfill this requirement. FEHB carriers will comply with the performance standards issued by OPM.

(d) In addition to reviewing carriers' quality assurance programs, OPM will periodically audit contractors, subcontractors and Large Providers' books and records to assure compliance with FEHB law, regulations, and the contract.

Subpart 1646.3—Contract Clauses

1646.301 Contractor inspection requirements.

The clause set forth at 1652.246–70 shall be inserted in all FEHBP contracts.